List of Services available in Gago Apps

Find exactly what you need, right when you need it.

Tailoring Services

Laundry Services

Packaging, Unloading & Carrying Services

Home Tutor Services

Home Nursing

Mobile Barber Services

Mobile Phone Services

PC & Laptop Services

Home Beauty and Salon Services

Despatch & Runner Services

Aircond Services

Home Childcare Services

Mobile Car Services

Electrician Service

Grasscutter Services

Carwash Services

Home Repair Services

Cleaner Services

Painter Services

Plumber Services


to prepare one platform for “job creator” in dual-language malay & english with easy, instant work and instant paid
to collect all service providers data and connecting them with customer just as simple one “click” button only.

No long time to wait searching provider when urgently need

no more long period step by step from interview until getting job.

extra income ! working in anywhere and without timely.

Priorities to local entreprenuers within 10km signal coverage and this can reduce unemployement rate.

marketing sale @ busines service increasing employees income.

Now can Download

Gago apps at Google Playstore & Appstore

How Gago Works

User Coverage (10 KM)

Service Provider


Sesi Soft Launching on 29 may 2019